Packwood Lake and the Coyote Trail Loop

I did a 3-day trip to a new area for me. I backpacked into Packwood Lake for two nights, an easy and relatively flat four mile hike. On the free day I dayhiked the long loop (about 16 miles) continuing up the Packwood Lake trail, turning right on the Coyote Trail to Packwood Saddle, and then turning right again on the Upper Lake Creek trail back to Packwood Lake.

Packwood Lake is large - almost two miles long and maybe a half mile wide

The historic guard station, built in 1910

My camp at about mid-lake

A Packwood Lake sunset

I was off the next morning, and 2000 feet up and slightly off my route is Lost Lake

On and on through the forest, wet with condensation, by boots and pants soaked, I finally start to reach alpine areas

Looking across at the upper areas of Upper Lake Creek. No trails in that valley but the PCT crosses above, in the clouds in this photo

The Coyote Trail continues across this mountain face

Trail across a landslide, about one third down from the top - it felt a lot steeper than this looks

Towering rocks on the ridge above. Chimney Rock is at the top, though not visible here

Eventually you traverse onto the ridge

The view directly across from the Coyote Trail

Down at Packwood Saddle

Back down in the valley next to Upper Lake Creek

And miles of flat hiking to get back to Packwood Lake

And another Packwood Lake sunset after a hard day on the trail