Mt Adams Tryptich - Three backpacks in One Trip

I planned a four day backpacking trip on Mt Adams over an extended July 4 weekend. But as I knew was possible, there was too much snow for me to go around the mountains on the Round the Mountain and PCT trails. So I improvised and went back down each morning and drove to a different trailhead, each night camping below the snow line, though walking through patchy snow in varying degrees to get there. So the first trip was up Shorthorn Trail, camping at Lookinglass Lake. #2 was up the Riley Trail to Riley Meadows. And trip #3 was up Killen Creek to camp at the meadow at about 5600 feet, about a 3/4 below the PCT junction.

First thing first, the lower section of the Shorthorn Trail had an amazing breagrass bloom

And I think this might be arnica

Most of it is burned, so this creek a couple miles in is nice

Started hitting more and more snow on the Round the Mountain Trail, but did get to Horseshoe Meadow

Spent the night at Lookinglass Lake

There is a very nice waterfall nearby

The next morning hiking out, I saw two helicopters coming in for climbers rescues

Then I drove over to the Riley Trail, which by the way is always good to see some frogs

The false hellibore is always wild looking

The Pinnacle in the West side of Mt Adams from Riley Meadows presents a very different profile of Mt Adams

On the way to Killen Creek the next day, I stopped for lunch at Takhlakh Lake

Near my camp meadow, about 2.5 miles up Killen Ck trail, the avalanche lilies were decent

Goat Rocks is melting out - slowly

Campers with free time in the evening at last light

It was cloudy on the mountain that afternoon but I got the view in the morning. I call it a coffee view.