Brandywine Meadows

I drove up to BC with my holdhood buddy his wife, visiting from New Zealand, the three of us drove two hours further from Vancouver to Whistler, the luxury ski resort where summer rooms are not unreasonably priced. Staying in a huge hotel that must have had 1000 rooms, and surrounded by luxury shopping, there are many hikes. All of them seem to gain 3000' or more in two miles. I chose the trail to Brandywine Meadows, which only gains 2000 feet, probably in one mile. But it was a gorgeous area, and we had two days of intense sunshine.

The uphill.

They have a different philosophy of trail design.

The Brandywine Meadows, at about 4500'.

Looking the other direction, the dramatic angular peak is known as the Black Tusk. A hiking trail leads 10 miles to the base, from which my friend says it is exposed 4th class to the summit.

Another view of it on the drive back.