Trinity Alps

The Trinity Alps are in northern California, west of Redding, and near the small town of Weaverville. They are known for granite mountains and sparkling lakes. In the winter of 2013/2014 there was almost no snow, so they were set for long backpacking trips much earlier than normal. I did a 5-day trip over Memorial Day weekend.

Getting There

It was a 10 hour drive from home to Weaverville. Along the way there was the Peter Skene Ogden rest stop and scenic viewpoint near US 97 in eastern Oregon, Mt Shasta, and Trinity Lake, which is almost empty.

Up Long Canyon

The first day started with a 3900 climb up Long Canyon in 5 miles. This was my one cloudy day and that was fortunate given the big climb.

Echo Lake

From Bee Tree Gap, it was a short hike across Siligo Meadows and over Little Stonewall Pass to Echo Lake, my camp for the night. It drizzled a bit when I arrived, but that stopped and the sun soon came out for good.

Echo Lake to Emerald Lake

The long 14 mile hike today retraced my steps for a mile and then went over Deer Creek Pass, down Deer Creek to the Stuart Fork and then up it. 500' up, 3000' down, 1000' up.

Emerald and Sapphire Lakes

These two lakes are at the head of the Stuart Fork Valley and though not far from where I had been hiking, are considered a different part of the Trinity Alps. In the morning I dayhiked up to Sapphire Lake and on a rough trail above it, before returning and moving camp down valley to Morris Meadow.

Back up Deer Creek and the Four Lakes Loop

I was retracing my steps and returned back up Deer Creek valley to Deer Lake where this time I made camp. That afternoon I hiked the upper part of the Four Lakes Loop, visiting Diamond and Summit Lakes.