Ramona Falls and Paradise Park on Mt Hood

In mid-September, 2012, I did a backpack to Ramona Falls and then continuing to Paradise Park way up above. There are easier ways to get to Paradise Park, but I had never been to Ramona Falls and wanted to combine the two since they are on the opposite side of Mt Hood from me and I don't get there much. It wasn't ideal timing. Water was low on the falls, and the wildflowers that Paradise Park is famous for were already well past their prime.

The hike to Ramona Falls crosses the Sandy River on this seasonal bridge.

Mossy terrain on the way to Ramona Falls

Ramona Falls

Log bridge back across the Sandy River

It is 2500 feet up from there to Paradise Park. Part way up, there is a fantastic view into the huge gorge that is the Sandy River up there.

Mt Hood from Paradise Park

Some flowers in remain