North side of Mt Adams - Foggy Flat and Devils Garden

In late September I took advantage of the newly reopened Forest Road 23 to drive up to the Killen Creek trailhead on the north side of Mt Adams. I hiked 7 miles to Foggy Flat to camp for two nights. On the middle day I dayhiked 3.5 miles up to Devlis Garden, the 7800 foot spot high on Mt Adams north side and at the boundary to the Yakima Reservation. It was an early Fall heat wave and daytime temps were warm - shorts and t-shirts. It was also new moon so the stars were brilliant and out by 8pm - as the temperatures plummeted to the mid 30's. A classic fall backpacking trip.

In August I tried to do a similar trip from the Riley Creek trail, but was chased away by clouds of mosquitoes.

Here is Mt Adams from the Killen Creek area.

Mt Rainier to the northwest.

Camp in Foggy Flat.

Sunrise on Mt Adams from Foggy Flat.

Mt. Rainier again.

Mt Adams and the Adams Creek debris basin. The creek was easy to cross but the trail was washed out in many places. It was necessary to follow rock cairns.

Looking back at the debris basin from well above.

Mt Adams, the Lyman Glacier and Devils Garden.

Some mountain goats ran onto the glacier to get away from me.

Closeup of Mt Adams from the morraine right below the glacier at about 8200 feet.

The Highline Trail across the Yakima Reservation crosses this basin and into Avalanche Valley beyond.

The Highline Trail in Devils Garden area with Rainier in the background.

One of the trail washouts while descending the Highline Trail back through the Adams Creek debris basin.

A lone parched tree.

Flowers in Foggy Flat.

The creek in Foggy Flat.

The start of fall colors along the trail.

Lower Killen Creek Meadow.

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