Mt Adams North by Northwest 2015

I dropped plans for a Mt Rainier area trip due to greater chance of rain up there. The Mt Adams Wilderness had been closed off and on for much of the summer due to wildfires but they hadn't actually reached the north side, nor had I so far this year. So it was time for a visit.

The Mountain would be sporting interesting clouds much of the weekend, from the Muddy Meadows trailhead

An easy 5 miles to camp in Foggy Flats, setup camp, and I was off for my annual adventure up to Devils Garden. The cairns are huge going through the Muddy Fork debris fields.

As I get near and turn a corner, goats!

Even closer. Mt Adams goats do not let you get close, they are skittish. I was about 200 yards here and they were eyeing me intently.

On of them had a flair for the dramatic

Eventually I let them be and headed to the Highline Trail high point, about 7800'.

On the way back, they were still there

Time to head back down

Sunset at camp

In the morning I was determined to explore up above and find a high alpine lake that had been reported elsewhere. After some effort, I think I found it. Not much water this very dry year, but I will be back.

Breaking camp, I left at 11:30 and was off to the northwest side of the mountain, first passing Killen Creek

and the debris field that is Adams Creek. The summit had moved into clouds where it would stay for the day.

I finally reached camp at mightly Riley Creek to find it barely a trickle, though with nice pools

Clouds were really moving in, but I only got a couple of spritzes of drizzle

Heading back the next morning, I heard, then saw, a pika

and an interesting matting

Meadows turning to fall

Moving away from the cloudy west side, the north had stayed in the sun all along, and I found that when I got near to Killen Creek again

And some interesting clouds

As our historic dry year gives way to late season wet, the mushrooms are making a return