Mt Adams North 2018

Yeah, it's August and it's smoky but this was my shot for this year. The snow melted early and most of the bugs were already past. Two night solo trip into the Mt Adams alpine. I started at the Muddy Meadows trailhead like normal, heading up.

Always got to get a pic of the Killen Creek cascade

High Camp and a very hazy Mt Adams behind

But I did get a really nice camp, about 6900 feet. A chipmunk lived in the rock wall on the left side but left my food alone.

Heading up to the glacier lake over low angle snowfields

And the lake, at about 7500 feet

Hardy life near the lake

Later that evening, goats! Needed all of my 40X zoom to get this, the goats do not let you get close. They were probably 200 yards away

Still hazy the next morning

Heading east, Foggy Flats getting brown, this would usually be the greenest time of summer

After setting up camp by noon and eating and taking a rest, I headed up for Devils Garden. The east fork of Muddy Forks is often hard to find a way to cross without wading. Despite how it looks here, I did find a way, with only a dab of water on the boots. About 6900 feet.

Approaching Devils Gardens at about 7400 feet. Despite the glare of the sun, the sky is blue, the air is starting to clear

The Devils Garden area, about 7800 feet. Lots of wandering is possible here.

Back at camp, since I expect to return to this camp for years to come, I decided to start monitoring the growth of these trees

The next morning I awoke to mostly clear skies! Good timing and good place for it. When I made it back to my car about noon, I couldn't see Adams at all from down there