Indian Heaven Junction Lake Loop

I did a dayhike loop in Indian Heaven based on Junction Lake. Starting at the East Crater trailhead to get to Junction Lake, I then did a loop of Rock Lake and Blue Lake and back to Junction Lake. The entire hike was about 9.5 miles. It was a sunny and sometimes chilly hike, as would be expected in mid-October.

There was some damage to the road about 1.2 miles before the trailhead, but my Subaru made short work of it.

Golden meadows this time of year

Surprise for this late in the year: big fat huckleberries

More raised sections of trail recently constructed

Still some color left

Junction Lake

The trail from Junction to Rock Lk is not official and not on the map. It leaves the PCT about 25 yards south of the footbridge across the outflow from Junction Lake

That time of year again: ice in the trail

Rock Lake

Note the deeply submerged rock steps used to get across the lake isthmus in summer. Need to go around now

A bit more color

Lots of soggy trail in October. The grass next to it wasn't so dry either

Good mushrooms, though some were frozen

Sunny but frigid and windy Blue Lake

Mt Saint Helens peaks between the trees