Indian Heaven - Wood Lake

I took a trek up the Pacific Crest Trail most of the length of Indian Heaven from the south, past all the lakes, to camp at isolated Wood Lake, the northernmost major lake in Indian Heaven. Day 1 started mostly cloudy and chilly (49 at the trailhead). It was mostly clear by the end of the afternoon and completely clear for day 2.

Tons of huckleberries next to camp.

Storm clearing from the weekend

Blue Lake

Junction Lake - looks like it might dry up this year

All the creeks have dried up

Bear Lake

Deer Lake

Wood Lake from where you first see it. Camp is at the far end on the left

Wood Lake from camp

I wasn't the only one enjoying the lake

My new popup tent

The camping area. The tent is barely visible just left of center (horizontal green bar between trees) and my orange chair is on the beach.