Guatemala 2010 - Antigua and Panajachel

I took an 8-day trip to Guatemala from Dec 21-28 this year. I only visited two places: Antigua and Lake Atitlan, staying in Panajachel. I had visited both places during my previous month-long trip to Gutemala in 2002.

Antigua, an old capital of Guatemala known for colonial architecture, is famous for this arch. Note the volcano visible under the arch

The La Merced church was a couple of blocks from my hotel.

The streets are still all cobble stone. I suspect this is for the tourists.

I stayed at Hotel Casa Cristina

The hall outside of my room

After a couple of days in Antigua getting into the pace, I took a shuttle van for two and a half hours to Panajachel, on the shores of Lake Atitlan

There was no beach, but a nice path above the shoreline

Local Mayan women walked around hawking their wares

I stayed at the Hotel Utz Jay (pronounced Ootz High). Here was my room

My front balcony/porch

The view from the porch above the garden

This is taken from the garden. My room is the red second floor room above

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