Gorge of Depair

A group of us from Mark Resources headed on this 5-day backpack in Kings Canyon National Park in the High Sierra at the end of May, rather early for a high altitude trip. There was still plenty of snow.

The large groups split up on the first day, as four of us went to a high lake near the pass, 5000 feet up, and rest stopped lower. On the second day, Doug and I continued up through the snow and over the pass into the Gorge of Despair. Nobody else in the group followed. We hiked part way down the gorge, getting long views into the Middle Fork of the Kings River, and climbed a peak on the way back out.

Near the low-altitude 4000 foot trailhead.

Rena doesn't like the rain.

Snow-covered lake at 9000 feet.

Looking up at the pass.

Looking down at the lake at 10,000 feet from the pass.

Tehipite Dome and Middle Fork.

Climbing the 5.6 route on the peak above Lake 10,000.