Goat Rocks Wilderness - Part 1

This was a three day trip in mid-August, 2010.

I started at the Snowgrass Flats trailhead. As in many such hikes, you start by getting small tastes of what is to come.

I suppose many woodpeckers had their way with this tree.

Up towards Snowgrass Flats, on trail 97, I passed through a meadow with much beargrass and lupine.

First view of Cispus Basin.

Looking down basin.

A large herd of mountain goats were a few hundred yards above.

Mt. Gilbert tops out Cispus Basin

Beargrass in bloom in my campsite.

The sun sets on the Basin.

A nice sunset - waiting for the Perseid meteors.

Creeks coming down Cispus Basin.

My campsite right in the middle of the basin.

The Pacific Crest Trail on the north side of Cispus Basin.

The paintbrush were blooming

Pasqueflower were widespread in the area.

A waterfall on the side of the basin.

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