Crater Lake National Park

This is a daytrip visit to the park, arriving from the north and leaving to the south. It being late June, there was still plenty of snow in the area. The north entrance was open, but the loop around the lake was not.

Looking across the pumice meadows towards Mt. Thielson.

Snowfields remain as we approach the lake.

First view/photo stitch, from the north side. The mosquitoes were quite bad in this area.

A few more views from the north side in general.

Wizard Island

A fire lookout - still in occasional use.

Mt. Garfield - my hike for the afternoon. The mosquitoes were not bad once we got farther south.

The incredible blue of Crater Lake from a notch part-way up Mt. Garfield

The west side of the lake, including Rim Village

A three-photo stitch from the top of Mt. Garfield. There were some snow patches on the trail, and one brief section where I kicked some steps.

For those with fast internet connections, click here for a 21MB movie from the top of Mt. Garfield.

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