Benson Plateau, June 2009

The Benson Plateau is a very flat ridge top in the Columbia River Gorge between Eagle and Herman Creeks. I did a one-night trip to it via the Herman Creek trailhead, Herman Bridge trail, connecting to the Pacific Crest Trail, which follows the eastern edge of the plateau. This route gained about 3300 feet in just under 6 miles.

Typical lush trailside along the PCT.

Teakettle Spring is a rare source of water, just as you get to the north end of the plateau.

I had a dry camp near the junction of the PCT and the Benson Way trail.

Near camp.

After dinner I took a half hour walk down the Benson Way trail to Ruckle Creek, and was surprised to find a group camped there, who had walked down through the snow from Wahtum Lake.

Twilight on Mt. Hood.

The next morning I headed up the PCT a ways. Here is a typical plateau scene on the PCT.

Took a right on the Ruckle Creek trail and passed by this pond. Starting to see some remnant snow patches.

Here is Ruckle Creek near its headwaters at Benson Camp.

And Benson Camp itself

Saw this pretty thing on the way back near the bottom (near Herman Creek bridge).

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