Slot Canyons

Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument

The Grand Staircase (a series of three major cliff bands separated by miles) and Escalante Canyon are two separate parts of this huge national monument. There is minimal development within the monument, and most access is via rough dirt roads. Skutumpah Road is one of the main roads, and there are many slot canyons that can be accessed as one drives along. Here are a series of dayhikes and overnighters from this area.

The first route here is through Lick Wash.

With some strange striated rock walls.

Once you get through the short Lick Wash, which ends at the canyon opening in the center in this photo, you are in Park Wash, where I spent the night.

A cabin off of Park Wash.

No Man's Mesa defines one side of Park Wash, across from where Lick Wash enters Park Wash.

Another view of No Man's Mesa. I had thought of trying to hike up to the top, but would have needed more time.

My campsite in Park Wash.



My campsite is again visible below and to the right of the center of this picture.



This is Willis Creek.

I did not make a note of the name of this canyon, and it does not seem to be in my hiking guidebook. I think I just found it when I was there.




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