Mt Rainier National Park - Paradise

Paradise is a specific area at high altitude on the south side of Mt Rainier NP. This was a splurge trip to stay at the Paradise Inn, one of the classic national park lodges, built in 1916. It is up at 5400 feet and this is still June, so the area was completely covered in snow where not plowed. I stayed three nights. The first day I went down to Longmire to charge the EV and hiked a melted out trail. Second full day I stayed in the Paradise area and hiked on snow. I drove in during the tail end of a storm, so it was raining off and on and in the 40s at Paradise. It would be sunny the rest of the trip, with a building heat wave.

The very well graded Rampart Ridge loop trail, out of Longmire

A nice little creeklet next to the trail.

From high on the ridge about 4000', a nice view of Rainier with storm clouds clearing

Skunk cabbage in a boggy area. The trail had a boardwalk through here.

Devils club, in the same area.

Paradise Inn, with the Tatoosh Range behind.

The Great Room of Paradise Inn. The hotel rooms are tiny, this is where you spend your leisure time.

Or in the mezzanine above, which looks down on the Great Room.

Clouds clearing on Rainier from Paradise parking.

Sunrise on two Tatoosh Peaks.

Sunrise on Rainier with the Guiding Service building below.

That morning I did the short Nisqaully Vista Trail with microspikes on the boots for traction. The trailhead sign barely sticks out of the snow just left of center. This trail starts a quarter mile below Paradise.

A couple hundred yards in, a very nice view of Rainier.

Rainier and the Nisqually Glacier and it's huge lateral moraine.

The vista point. This trail is only about a half mile long.

Later I headed straight up from Paradise on snowshoes. This looks back towards the Tatoosh.

Many hikers head up towards Panorama Point, some taking skis. It was warm and the snow was turning to slush. I decided to go left instead where few were going.

More Rainier, this is at about 6500 feet.

I found this wonderful melted rock for a long and leisurely lunch break. The area is called Glacier View and that is the upper Nisqually Glacier below.

Mt Saint Helens to the south, with the north side blast zone clearly visible.

Mt Adams next to the Tatoosh.

A large marmot apparently calls this area home. It walked past me 5 feet away.

Zooming in on distant waterfalls as spring warmth melts snow.

Approaching the Paradise area as I descend. That's the NPS Visitor Center on the right. Paradise Inn is barely visible on the left.