Mt Hood's Timberline Loop

I did a 3-day CCW loop of the Timberline Trail around Mt Hood, starting at Cloud Cap. My camps were at Ramona Falls and Mt Hood MEadows south end.

From Elk Cove. The dark ridge is Barrett Spur, with a hazy Mt Hood to the left

Stonecrop flowers

The old stone shelter at Cairn Basin

More hazy Hood with lupine

Declining pond with declining beargrass

The classic view up the Muddy Fork from near Bald Mtn

Ramona Falls

Log crossing of the Sandy River

The Upper Sandy River canyon

Mid-morning break in Paradise Park

Abundant flowers in Paradise Park

Mt Hood above Zigzag Canyon

Timberline Lodge, where most people start - and finish

Looking back at the White River canyon

The view from my camp in Mt Hood Meadows south end

Abundant western pasque flower seed heads

First light on Mt Hood

Mt Jefferson far to the south

Another view from the north end of Mt Hood Meadows

The very stark Clark Canyon

Log crossing of Newton Creek

Upper Gnarl Ridge at about 6600'

Indian paintbrush holding on up high

Highest point on Gnarl Ridge at about 7000'

Timberline High Point above 7300'