Mt Adams - Mazama Glacier Lake

The dayhike to this lake has been on my list for a long time. It's not that long, only about 3 miles one way, but a lot of uphill and an informal and indistinct route.

First snow of the season on Mt Adams, from the road. Snow started at about 7000 feet.

The trail has mostly been closed to hikers in recent years due to the Cougar Creek Fire, but the Washington Trail Assoc has been scheduling visits anyway, like building this new bridge

Still some green meadows in this very hot and dry year

The view from Hellroaring Viewpoint

From there, the route varied from decent trail to pretty indistinct, but there was an off-and-on tread all the way

First snowprints for me this season

The route goes up the right side of this valley, attains the ridge, and then I went up to the high point. There was an existing tread here and there

You can sort of see the tread, and a small cairn, on the left side of the photo

On the ridge - hey - where's my lake?

I guess I'm going to have to go up there to see it

Victory! The lake is at 7650', I am at 7825'. That notch above the right side of the lake is Sunrise Camp

The summit doesn't look that far away, but it is 4500 feet highter than me

Close viewing of the upper side of the lake shows that the Mazama Glacier really does still reach to the lake's edge, it is just covered by rubble

Looking at my ridge from below - the valley is hidden, but the arrow shows where I attained the ridge, and then walked to the high point

Down at Bird Creek Picnic Area - it has been 50 years since BCM was transferred to the Yakama Nation - how long before this is buried?

This is the view from that picnic bench - a very nice spot for a picnic

Down next to mirror Lake next to the road to relax a bit before heading home, and noticing that old water spigot now in the lake. Maybe the lake shifted after the fire?