Ingalls Creek

Drove nearly 200 miles to try something new, Ingalls Creek. This is a long creek valley with a trail that slowly gains altitude for 15 miles to Stewart Pass. It is an entry point to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in Washington and the trailhead is just south of Leavenworth. The Enchantment Basin is just to the north. The trailhead is just under 2000 feet and the pass is 6400 feet. I camped for two nights 8.5 miles up and tried to hike up to the pass on the middle day, losing the trail in snow just before the pass. There are many spot burns and the trail was fortunately cleared of blowdown already to about nine miles in. Being a fairly open forest, the area is famous for wildflowers. Because it is a low altitude trail, there aren't many views till fairly far up. This trail requires some work and walking to get the views. It's also kind of brushy farther up.

The warm trailhead.

Ingalls Creek is quite full down here.

The last mile to camp got fairly brushy at times. Not like this lower down.

Not many views for the hike to camp, a little ways before the Hardscrabble Trail junction.

A much smaller Ingalls Creek to hang out next to at camp.

Silvercrown aster - we don't have this in my area.

Dwarf dogwood.

Dragontail Peak was visible from the trail near camp.

The next day, heading up, a nice view of a side canyon to the south. A trail called Beverly Turnpike apparently heads up there.

Looking north.


Glacier lilies.

More alpine views, the pass is just to the right.

Hitting snowpatches at about 5900 feet.

My high point where I lost the trail. The pass is up there.