Enchanted Valley 2021 - Olympic NP

Enchanted Valley is a very popular destination in the southern part of the park that attracts large crowds. I went for two nights camping in the valley and had poor weather, which probably kept the crowds down some.

East Fork Quinault River from Pony Bridge, 2.5 miles in

Fun fungi along the trail

You knew they have big trees in the Olympics? Note the trekking pole on the right for scale

This looks like a very wide bench, but it is the bridge back over the river as you get close to Enchanted Valley, 13 miles in

Many campers there, this is just one small part of them - note the fog

The famous chalet

Clouds start to clear the next morning

Totally clear! (for about two hours)

The dramatic view up valley

Went for a dayhike to hopefully get some views and saw this bear about a half mile up valley

Two ice avalanche tunnels

The larger one

Interesting how drops of water sit in the middle of these leaves

White Creek Meadow - no views :(

A small waterfall next to the trail

The only dry ground in Enchanted Valley was below where my tent had sat for two days