West Fork Dosewallips River - Olympic NP

This trail branches off the Dosewallips main fork low down and accesses some high country that can also be reached from the south via Enchanted Valley, but far fewer people come this way. This hike is a bit shorter, as is the drive to the trailhead. The road to the original trailhead was washed out years ago and never fixed, so now you hike the old road for 6.5 miles to an old car campground and the old trailhead.

This was a four day trip. The first day was hot, the second day was overcast and humid with a little rain, and on the third day some wildfire smoke blew in. Then we left on the fourth day. So conditions were not ideal but they weren't terrible either, and probably better than anywhere else in the northwest. We camped at Big Timber, Honeymoon Meadows (which is not in or next to any meadow), and then Dose Campground, the old car campground, for our last night.

High bridge over the west fork about 3/4 mile past the trail junction

The west fork near Big Timber camp. After driving up, we didn't hit the trail until 2pm and got to camp after 7pm after hiking in temps up to 90 degrees

A section of boardwalk over a wet area

Typical Olympic forest near Rainbow Meadows camp

Getting up the valley of the West Fork, hiking past an avalanche chute with parts of Anderson Peak above

After setting up camp in Honeymoon Mdws camp, we waiting for the showers to abate and then dayhiked up LaCrosse Pass, which goes through these grass hillsides up high

Plenty of tiger lilies around here

Mt LaCrosse

Alpine terrain high on LaCrosse Pass Trail

Looking across at Anderson Peak from LaCrosse Pass

La Crosse Pass after 3 miles of uphill

At the top of the Anderson Glacier trail the next day.