Mt Adams - Crystal Lake and Muddy Forks Camps

After a day in the lowlands car camped near my trailhead for teh Muddy Meadows trailhead, I backpacked two more nights on Mt Adams. The first night was at Crystal Lake and the second was near the treeline west fork of Muddy Forks.

Mt Adams from Killen Meadow - a little haze/smoke moved in the first day, so I didn't take many photos

This pond just off the PCT and just west of the Killen Ck trail almost dried up

Logs over one swolen channel of Adams Creek on a warm day (i.e. melting the glacier above)

On the other hand, Mutton Creek is dry, never saw that before

Crystal Lake has some of the best mountain reflections

Smoke had cleared around Adams by now, but to the north, Mt Rainier was still surrounded

Sunset on the Pinnacle of Mt Adams

My campsite was crampt, but scenic

Dusk on Crystal Lake with Mt St Helens in the background

Rainier was a bit better in the morning at dawn

Goat Rocks are completely melted out

The old footbridge on the PCT over Killen Creek won't last too many more years

Another pond, this one near the start of the Highline Trail

Wildfire plume from the Schneider Creek fire I think (east of Rainier, maybe 70 miles away)

Near my second camp a strange volcanic outcrop above the west fork of Muddy Forks Creek (looking quite muddy of course)

Sunrise on Adams from camp

The view from the top of the knoll in the previous picture

Rainier and Goat Rocks with marine layer below

Down at the trailhead, Adams is above Muddy Meadows