Wenaha River Trail part 2

My first night was camped at Fairview Bar, 10 miles in. I had planned to go further, but with the nice weather and a good side trail going up the ridge, I decided to stop there and do a dayhike up high for the views.

My camp at Fairview Bar. There is a larger section to this bar about 10 minutes further on.

The Wenaha River downstream and upstream from my camp

Just one part of Fairview Bar, a typical large flat area next to the Wenaha

The view from part way up the ridge on the Smooth Ridge trail

A panorama from high on the ridge

And a closeup

It got a bit more cloudy as the day progressed and started raining after dark. It rained all night and into midmorning, so I stayed in the tent till about 9:30am. After my late started (for me), I headed upriver, with the intent of going maybe 12 miles to an area called Wenaha Breaks. Because of the wet foliage I was hiking through the camera was mostly left packed away. But the quality of the trail quickly degraded soon after Fairview Bar. I don't think they have maintained the trail up there for a long time. About 2 miles from Fairview Bar I gave up. This picture is near the point I turned around and shows what I was putting up with.

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