Wallowas 2016 Trip

I did a four day trip in the Eagle Cap Wilderness in the Wallowa Mountains in northeastern Oregon, July 17-20. I had planned to go to Mt. Rainier, but it was wet and cool in the central Washington Cascades. The Wallowas were cool but the storm mostly did not make it this far east. It was cloudy with some showers the first day and after that thunderstorms threatened, but never rained on me.

This is Wallowa Lake from the car. The trailhead is about a mile past the far end of the lake

West Fork of the Wallowa River, just past the trailhead

Six Mile Meadow

Logs across the main channel of the West Fork, there was a smaller channel beyond

Looking farther up the West Fork where I had originally planned to go. But that was a longer route to a higher place and the threatening weather convinced me to turn right here for the Lakes Basin

Horseshoe Lake, the eastern-most and lowest lake in the Lakes Basin

The area is famous for it's lakes, but the meadows are great too

I set up camp 1 on a ledge above Douglas Lake

Views of Eagle Cap at sunset

The next morning I did a hike around the Lakes Basin, came back to camp and packed up and headed back down to the West Fork and part way down canyon where I set up camp on the Ice Lake trail where it crosses the West Fork.

Thunderclouds built up but not enough to rain

There was a landslide on the other side of the valley, you can see the dust it kicked up in the middle of this photo

The next morning I headed up the 5+ mile uphill hike to Ice Lake. The main appeal here is the numerous waterfalls of Adams Creek

The wildflowers were a riot of color as I got higher

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