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The Central Wallowa Mountains

Eagle Cap Wilderness, northeast Oregon

The Wallowa Mountains in northeast Oregon are more granitic and less volcanic than most mountains in the Pacific Northwest, making for a very different hiking experience. They are in the Eagle Cap Wilderness, which is the largest designated wilderness area in Oregon.

I had planned to visit a more remote part of these mountains in their southwest section, but a wildfire blocked access, and I had to change plans just a few days before leaving. This area certainly has more people than the other section, but while Mirror Lake was crowded and there were plenty of people in the central Lakes Basin, I saw very few people elsewhere. the freedom to camp just about anywhere makes it easy to find places away from the main lakes where you can still get a lot of solitude.

The Central Lakes Basin (31 pictures)
Frazier/Glacier Lakes loop (27 pictures)
Swamp Lake area (18 pictures)