Wallowa Central Lakes Basin

Wallowa Mountains, Eagle Cap Wilderness

This is the most popular part of these mountains, and for good reason, as you will see. I hiked in up the East Fork of the Lostine River, hiked up Eagle Cap itself, and then hiked the small loop in the central Lakes Basin.


Near the trailhead.

Hurricane Divide, east side of the east fork of the Lostine River.


Eagle Cap at the head of the east fork of the Lostine River.

Mirror Lake, where I camped for the first two nights.



Mirror Lake camp.


Upper Lake, on the way hiking up Eagle Cap.

Looking down the east fork, where I walked up the day before.

Looking up at Eagle Cap.

The Matterhorn and the Hurwal Divide.

Moccasin Lake.

Mirror Lake.

Glacier Lake.

Glacier Peak.

The top of Eagle Cap.

Looking north: east fork of the Lostine on the left, Hurricane Creek on the right.

Mirror Lake camp again.




Hiking the inner loop in the Lakes Basin.


Moccasin Lake.

The Matterhorn.

I think this is Douglas Lake. Or maybe Crescent Lake.



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