Wallowa 2016 Trip (conc.)

One of the interesting things of the Ice Lake area is the granite (marble?) peaks above. That's Matterhorn on the left.

First view of Ice Lake, at the outlet

Better view of the peaks to the west

A peninsula that sticks out into the lake has most of the campsites. I camped near the outlet

Looking back east, the south-facing peaks are much drier

Flowers were peaking up here

After setting up and relaxing, I headed out up the climber's rough trail up the Matterhorn. Looking at the lake as I started up. My camp is at far left center, across the lake

That's not snow, that is intrusions of marble in the red mountains - very strange

The dramatic northeast wall of the Matterhorn a little over half way up

Ice Lake and beyond

I turned around about half way up this section

The wannabe thunderstorm clouds were kind of thick that after with chilly winds, and near sunset and fog bank moved in

Sunrise from within my tent the next morning

No winds in the morning so a fantastic reflection on the lake

This is a cell phone panorama of the entire lake - click HERE for a larger version