Utah 1995

For years while living in Boulder, I visited Utah and the Colorado Plateau, as that region of canyons, arches, and towers is called. But most visits were to Canyonlands and Arches National Park, because they were the closest to me, being about 6 hours drive.

In April of 1995, I arranged for a full week off with a plan to visit places in Utah that were farther afield, and not as central to the standard tourist route. While these weren't exactly completely off the beaten path, they were not the most visited locales.

By no means did this trip exhaust places to visit in Utah and the surrounding area. I have continued to visit and do not plan to stop. But I did cover some good ground on this trip.

Capitol Reef National Park (37 pics)
Natural Bridges National Monument (10 pics)
Monument Valley (36 pics)
Navajo National Monument (17 pics)
Grand Gulch (21 pics)