Up to Mt Olympus

Mt. Olympus is the highest peak in Olympic National Park at 7965 feet. That's not high as western mountains go, but it is very near the the coast. The intense precipitation in the region means that is has many glaciers.

From our camp at the Hoh Guard Station, the hike goes up the Hoh Valley, then crosses the Hoh River on the High Hoh Bridge, then following Glacier Creek to the Blue Glacier. It's about 18 miles roundtrip and 4000 feet up to the spot on top of the lateral moraine that was our top spot.

The Hoh River and it's gravel bar

Plenty of fungi in this wet environment

The Hoh River from High Hoh Bridge

More impressive fungi - more than a foot wide

First views of peaklets on the side of Mt Olympus

Just before getting to the highest camp area at Glacier Meadows, there is this huge washout. You have to descend this ladder and hike up some steep and slippery sand on the other side

Bob is descending the ladder

One of a few ptarmigan we saw up high

Smaller fungi growing out of a log

From high on the trail, we struck off right to get to the top of the lateral moraine for views of the Blue Glacier

Heading back down: Elk Lake, the Hoh Valley, and signs of the end of our sunshine

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