Tilly Jane Guard House

Cloud Cap region, Mt Hood

The Tilly Jane Guard House is one of four or so overnight huts in the Cloud Cap area on the northeast side of Mt. Hood. People in the Columbia Gorge chapter of the Oregon Nordic Club manage it under contract with the Forest Service. They rent it out to groups for weekends and reserve some weekends for use by their own members.

On this trip on February 12, 2009, 3 of us skied up to the hut on the normal trail and came down a different way.

This area suffered from the Gnarl Ridge Fire the summer before. Note how this tree is burned on just one side.

Part of the burned forest.

Darryl Lloyd and Jim Denton joined me on this trip.

Mt. Hood pokes through the clouds.

Jim Denton leads across a section of steep side-hilling.

The Tilly Jane A-Frame has almost no snow on it in February!

A couple of shots of the Tilly Jane Guardhouse.

Here is the track we followed from my GPS.

I joined four other club members in using the lodge on Saturday night, January 12, 2008. We skied up the Tilly Jane Trail three miles to the hut (about 2000 feet up) and returned on the road (about nine miles) the next day. It rained for part of the way up and so the snow was not so good most of the way down the next day.

Skiing up the trail.

Tilly Jane Guard House (about 5700 feet).

Cloud Cap Inn.

Mt. Hood from Cloud Cap.

Sara, Jan and, Shelley in the cabin.

The kitchen.

Shelley heads off with me for some turns in the morning.

Mt. Hood in the morning sun near Tilly Jane drainage.

Here I am at the same place.

Shelley at the same place.

Sara, Jan, Skip, and Shelley on the way down.

Mt. Hood on the way down.

Cougar tracks, we think.