Thunder Basin and Park Creek Pass, North Cascades NP

I did a five day trip in North Cascades National Park, up Thunder Creek all the way to Thunder Basin Camp, just below the north side of Park Creek Pass. It was 18 miles in with nearly 4000 feet of gain (and a 1000 foot drop) through miles of rainforest with no views to a spectacular camp surrounded by towering mountain walls.

It starts with the rainforest

Thunder Creek - looks more like a river, and this in late August in a dry year

Eight mostly flat miles in and I get to my first camp

Camp was on the bank of Fisher Creek

All camps in the park have a toilet, though not much privacy. These are usually at the end of a long trail, though.

My first uphill the next morning, to the Junction area, and the forest floor is all moss for miles

First tantalizing mountain view

Can't quite figure out moldy mushrooms

The sunlight was just right for this

In the Skagit Queen Ck area there was a lot of old mining stuff. Must have taken quite some effort to get these heavy pipes in.

Finally, in the upper Thunder Creek drainage, that is Park Creek Pass

The ford of Thunder Creek, nothing like down below

My Thunder Basin camp, a ridge of Buckner Mountain looms above

Looking more westerly from camp

The creek near camp and the ridge to the east

The next morning I did a dayhike up to and over Park Creek Pass, this is looking back, where I came up the day before

Approaching Park Creek Pass, about 6100', from the north

The best view looking back north

Now looking south from the pass

Looking west, Booker Mtn, note that bootpath, I would explore over there next

I found this nice little tarn to have lunch at

On the way back, got this picture of Mt. Logan

I think that is Mt Goode

More of Buckner Mtn from camp, with the sun lower in the sky

Alas, it was time to head back. This is a calmer section of Thunder Creek

That night I camped at Junction Camp and got this glacier picture through the trees

This is the Fisher Creek trail that I strolled up a little ways

Through another hole in the trees I got this great sunrise photo of Tricouni Peak the next morning

And the same view with the sun higher in the sky. I counted 14 waterfalls on the creek on the left. Then it was 10 more miles out to my car.