The Wind River Range in Wyoming

The Wind Rivers are a spectacular granitic range in west-central Wymoing, a short distance southeast of the Tetons. The highest peak in Wyoming is in the Winds, not the Tetons. But because the Wind Rivers have broad low peaks surrounding them, there are no spectacular views from highways, so they are not well known outside of climbing and backpacking circles. You have to walk a long ways to get the views.

This was my first visit to this range. Doug and I flew in to Jackson Hole and rented a car for the two hour drive. We did an excellent loop hike that entered the range through the East Fork Valley and finished in the well-known (to climbers) Cirque of the Towers. If this valley were accessible by car, it would be nearly as famous as Yosemite. Thank God for wilderness.

The East Fork Valley (18 pictures)
Climbing Pingora (12 pictures)
Climbing Wolf's Head (14 pictures)

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