The Bada Valley of the Central Sulawesi Highlands

I flew into Bada Valley in a Cessna flight piloted by a local missionary. It took 15 minutes in the air to avoid two grueling days in a jeep in the mud. The area is known somewhat because of some mysterious statues, called megaliths, that spread around. Nobody knows for sure how old they are or who built them, though they have some stylistic similarities to statues from elsewhere in the western pacific going back almost a thousand years.

The area is a fairly prosperous farming region, and a road was in the process of being built in to it. The locals were very excited about this. So I was one of the last foreigners to see the area before modernity arrived.

Lounging after a lunch break on the bus ride north.

I think this is Poso Lake.

Fish and eel weirs on the lake.

Getting ready for takeoff to Bada Valley.

Approaching the Valley.

The most famous of the megaliths. This is about ten feet tall.

The megaliths take many forms and are spread all over.

Many are in the middle of rice paddies, the locals leave them where they are.

Wildlife in the hotel rooms.

A downtown strip in the Bada Valley.

Trekking up the valley.

The locals often wear these hats.

They are actually a type hammered and painted bark.

I joined with Ian for one of the treks.

The trees were very spiny - don't put your hand out if you slip!

A pack lunch of rice and chicken, wrapped in a banana leaf.

An interesting bridge.

Another megalith.

Taking a break on the coast. Room and board for a few bucks a day.

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