Table Mountain

Table Mountain is a 3300 foot peak in the Columbia River Gorge. While a good part of the hike is on the Pacific Crest Trail, a mile or so of the final section is on one or the other of two very steep trails, both of which are called Heartbreak Ridge. I had a gloriously sunny day in mid-February for this hike.

The steep rockfield on the eastern version of the Heartbreak Ridge trail

A spectacular view of the Table Mountain wall from along the trail. The very top of that wall is the spot known as the Gorge Viewpoint.

Heading out to the viewpoint near the summit. The actual summit is a quarter mile away, in the trees.

Looking down the vertiginous wall of Table Mountain from the Gorge Viewpoint. The earlier viewpoint is the low point in this ridge.

Mt Hood as seen while descending the western trail.

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