South Oregon Coast

Following my Rogue River Trail hike, I drove down to the coast, camped at Humbug Mountain State Park and spent a day checking the area out.

Driving US 101

These are the Redfish Rock, just south of Port Orford. The area is a marine reserve

From the campground, I walked to the beach, and sandals wouldn't do

The next morning I hiked the trail up Humbug Mountain, where a few rhododendrons were in bloom

Looking at Port Orford and the Port Orford Head

The brochure said there were views from the top:

but the trees had since grown in. There was a bench

Almost stepped on this guy walking down

Port Orford Head used to be a Coast Guard station

It had much better views in it's 1.2 mile loop

My tour finished at Cape Arago, bear Coos Bay