Roraima Tepui, Venezuela

A tepui is a flat-topped mountain. These are a common feature in southern Venezuela and most have such vertical sides all the way around, that there is no access to the top except by flying or technical climbing. Roraima has a ramp up one side, and is an amazing three-day trip, and you are required to hire guides. It is a large mountain, and includes the tri-country spot where Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana meet.

The Orinoco River on the banks of the town of Ciudad Bolivar.


The plaza in Cuidad Bolivar.

The turnoff from the highway to get to Roraima.

The small rural town where the hike starts.

Our group. I'm on the right, two Norweigans on the left, plus a guide and helper.

On the trail, at first cutting across the grasslands.

And some forest.

Roraima is hidden in the clouds at first.

The first day is all flat hiking across the grasslands. The next morning, we got to see our goal.

Here is the ramp that lets hikers get to the top.

No more grasslands. The trail gets very tropical.



You have to hike across a boulder field right under this spraying waterfall.


Can you see the water?

It rains every day.

The top is other-worldly.

Most groups camp in these tall but shallow caves.

The terrain and rock formations are a part of the attractions.



These crystals collect in many places.

We spent a day on top and went for a hike. It is very easy to get lost.

Many interesting water pools that remind me of Utah and more.





Heading down.



Our guide made the mistake of camping on the "up" side of this river. Then it rained a lot overnight and we couldn't cross it till after noon. It still wasn't easy.





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