Rogue River Trail

I hiked the Rogue River Trail through June 19-21, 2014. I got the shuttle service so my car was waiting for me after the 40 mile one-way hike. I started at 2pm the first day and went 9 miles to Bunker Creek. The next day being one of the longest of the year, I put in 18 miles to Blossom Bar. Then 13 miles out the final day. The first afternoon was quite hot but morning clouds and shade from the forest kept temperatures comfortable and in the 70s most of the time. Mosquitoes were out for the more sheltered camps. Better to camp closer to the river.

Near the start

Quite the flood back then

After a couple miles of hot dusty and exposed hiking, the trail went into the forest

Plenty of these

There was wildlife

Almost stepped on this guy (no rattle)

Camp at Bunker Creek - very buggy in this sheltered canyon

Right near camp

Meadow Creek Bridge

At my Quail Creek lunch stop

Rogue River Ranch - a museum. The middle section of the hike, starting here, is on a dirt road for 1.5 miles

After passing lodges and other places, you get back on a trail and soon are at one of the more spectacular spots where the river is in a rocky gorge

Blossom Bar was a very nice camp with nice views of the river

a newt in Blossom Bar creek

Brushy Bar was so lush, it almost reminded me of home

Lunch near Tacoma Camp

Much of the last section is like this. I saw a rather large bear in this area. A rafter saw it first and yelled a warning up to me. It started running up, but that meant it got to the trail about 40 yards in front of me, and had nowhere to go bu along the trail. So I got a clear but brief view of it a couple times, but not long enough for a picture.

Then these started going by

The final part involves walking past the hot and sunny pastures at Illahe

and then walking the road to where the car awaited - with drinks in the cooler still cold!

Finally, I drove to the coast so thought I'd add this shot of where the Rogue River joins the Pacific Ocean near Gold Beach