Road 54 Snow Camp

Road 54 in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest generally follows the south side of the Trapper Creek Wilderness. It is used to access the shortest trail to Soda Creek Lake in the warm season. I had some hopes of skiing all the way to that trailhead, but conditions were too slow to do that. So I just found a nice spot with a view, a little over 6 miles in.

Looking back at the road, near the bottom.

The snow was a lot thicker on the road than to side, particularly lower down.

Another example of how the snow collects more on the road than in the forest.

Sign melt-out.

A water source next to the road. I had to melt snow at camp.

Mt. Adams from a low point on the ridge.

More of Road 54.

Camp with the setting sun.

Mt. Hood in the late afternoon.

Camp in the morning.

Heading back down in my tracks from the day before.