Rio Caura, Venezuela

This river is a tributary to the Orinoco and I took a boat trip up it fora few days. It was quite exotic, with fresh-water dolphins, piranha fish, indian villages. etc. Not too many groups go here, at least when I did the trip in 1999, though there was one other group at the same time.

A fruit market near where the trip started.


These animals were tame and in the village where we started the trip.






The first night's camp.

A tropical frog.

These tarantulas were common. This one high on this beam was above where we slept. Fortunately we didn't see it until the morning since we arrived in the dark.



They guidescaught a piranha and showed us its teeth. They said that with all the other fish in the river, people weren't really threatened by them.

A huge catfish.

And indian village. They knew our guide well, and waved and yelled to him when we arrived.

A fresh water dolphin.

Another indian village.

More dolphins.


Jack Starr was our guide. Quite a character.

The two other paying customers on our trip.

A trail to a waterfall.

A jungle vine.

A spider in the forest.

And a butterfly.

This is as far up as we could go.




Those things hanging from the branch are nests or the oropendula bird.



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