Riley Creek Trail

On my first Forest Service Steward trip, I was joined by Wilderness Ranger Cassie Hidalgo on a hike on Mt Adam's Riley Creek Trail to a camp near where Riley Creek crosses the Pacific Crest Trail. Although one of the less popular trails on Mt Adams, it has more lakes and ponds than any other trail by far, though some are a ways off the trail. July 12/13, 2014.

There were some beargrass blooms

Cassie cuts through a smaller log across the trail. Bigger ones were documented for the trails team to come back for.

Lake 5164

Lake 5387

I tried to wade out to the island, but it got too deep (photo by Cassie Hidalgo)

Unnamed pond

Mt Adams from near Riley Camp

Riley Camp at 5500' and a half mile below the PCT was the last area that was substantially melted out

Cassie at the junction of the Riley Creek Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. Snow coverage was about 70% around here, but not at this spot

Camp next to Riley Creek

Riley Creek was about 50 yards from our tents

From camp that afternoon we took a hike, first passing by Sheep Lake - it's campsite was melted out

and then Crystal Lake, whose campsites were also melted out.

Sunset on Mt Adams