Red Mountain and Goose Lake

Skied up Red Mountain and then over to Goose Lake for the night. It was a bit late for skis as there were many melted out spots. I ended up stashing the skis 1/3 of the way up Red Mtn and walking the rest of the way though there was lots of snow up higher. I was able to drive to the Red Mtn turnoff from FR 60 and then to within a quarter mile of Crest Camp for the ski to Goose Lake. From there it was 5 miles, the first 4 on consistent snow. The first vehicle of the year drove in that same day and so there was one car camping setup at Goose Lake.

The obligatory stop at Panther Creek Falls on the drive in

Near the start of the ski up Red Mountain

Melted section of the road farther up

Approaching the summit lookout

Mt Adams

Mt Hood

Mt Saint Helens

Mt. Rainier

Goose Lake

Goose Lake

Fresh crescent moon - 2 days after new moon