Quartz Creek

Quartz Creek is a tributary to the Lewis River and the trail up it had been essentially abandoned. But efforts by the Washington Trail Assoc and the Forest Service have reopened this trail this summer so I went to check it out.

The trail follows the creek but spends most of the time well above. It has serious ups and downs and so is slow going.

Mileages at the trailhead

In this area is seems that most of the creeks have smooth rock bottoms with interesting colors, which adds to the appeal of the area

The bridge at Platinum Creek has been damaged and cut down. The trail detours around it below.

An example of what they had to do to reopen the trial. Note the trekking pole for scale.

Straight Creek with a convenient log for crossing. The smooth creek bottoms can make fords a slippery affair

A nice nursery log

More trail-clearing work

It's hard to tell from this photo just how steep this is

For camp I turned left on the French Creek trial to reach French Creek Camp

French Creek

I continued up French Creek Trail that afternoon to it's top, which was basically nowhere. It connects to an old road and I didn't have a map to follow it higher

Next morning I went back to Quartz Creek and dayhiked the last two miles to its top where it meets the boundary trail

Heading back down

And then my reward for all these hills, blueberries!

Way back down, I took a break at the spot where the Quartz Creek Butte trail crosses Quartz Creek

The ups and downs of this trail. This is from the French Creek junction down to the trailhead