Northern Pakistan

After working for four months in India through the sweltering spring, and some brief sightseeing during the building monsoon, I headed to Pakistan for seven weeks of travel out of reach of the heat and humidity of the monsoon.

There were two parts to this trip. First, I did a four-week trek in the Karakorum Mountains. This outlying Himalayan range is, in my opinion, one of the most spectacular collection of peaks and spires in the world. I did an extensive loop and spent something like 10 days over 15,000 feet. This trek requires that you hire a guide service, so it is not possible to do independently.

Next I visited the Hunza Valley. Once even more remote, a highway now provides easy access to this fascinating area and its culture.

Up the Baltoro Glacier (33 pictures)
K2 to Gondogoro Pass (26 pictures)
Down from Gondogoro Pass and out (23 pictures)
The Hunza Valley part 1 (27 pictures)
The Hunza Valley part 2 (22 pictures)