North Sulawesi

The attraction in northern Sulawesi was a remote national park, and snorkeling at a spot that is world-famous for diving.

My goal was to get to a remote national park. First I had to ride a couple of these.

Eventually, the park boundary.

And to the park lodge, at which I was the only guest. Instead of its long local name, many call it Wallacea, after the great naturalist Wallace who studied this area in great depth.

And across the river to the actual wildlife reserve Tangkoko for my guided hike.

A tiny snake.

I would have gotten lost instantly in the think forest. The trails were very vague.

We heard a lot more wild animals than we saw.

See the bird in the middle?

A rare long-distance view.

The town of Manado in the north has world-class diving, but snorkeling is my limit for underwater adventure. I visited this offshore island for some R&R and snorkeling.

This was the hotel I stayed at.

Part of the Bukanen Marine Reserve.

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