North Cascades NP: Bridge Creek to Park Creek Pass

This is one of my big backpacking trips of 2013, a 5-day trip in the southern part of North Cascades National Park. Although some loops were possible, the early date in mid-July for a trip this area meant that north-facing slopes would still have a lot of snow. So I decided on an out-and-back trip along Bridge Creek to Park Creek and up to Park Creek Pass. For those who know the area, my camps were at Grizzly Creek, 2 nights at Flat Creek, and the last at North Fork.

Bridge Creek
The hike along Bridge Creek was most of my first and last day of hiking and a bit of the second.

North Fork Bridge Creek
I camped here the first night and dayhiked up above the camp the second morning.

Stehekin Road and Flat Creek Camp
I camped at Flat Creek camp for two nights, around my dayhike up to Park Creek Pass.

Park Creek Pass
The central goal of this trip, my dayhike up to Park Creek Pass was about 17 miles round-trip with a 3800 foot gain.