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New Zealand - February, 1996

I visited New Zealand to tramp in its wilderness in 1996. By childhood buddy, Walter Smith, now lives there wth his family in Auckland, and after visiting them at the beginning of the trip, they joined me for a part of my visit to the South Island.

These initial shots are from the Auckland area.

1. Waimakere Beach, Auckland

2 trail near Waimakere beach

3 Waimakere Beach

4 Nikai Palm

5 One Tree Hill

6 Auckland

7 Rangitoto Island

8 lava cave

9 Auckland Harbor

10 Egmont National Park

11 Egmont np

12 Mt Taranaki

13 Tongariro Park from Mt Taranaki

14 Mt taranaki, south side

17 Mt Taranaki lower summit

18 looking down at Egmont NP

19 looking east from the summit

20 Dean on the summit of Mt Taranaki

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