Mt Rainier SW Loop

I did a 3-day loop in the southwest part of Mt Rainier National Park based on the Westside Road. My two camps were at Lake George and Klapache Park.

Near the beginning of the Westside Road. Mt Rainier peers over.

For Lake George, you go up the road 3.7 miles and turn left onto the short trail to the lake. You are allowed to ride a bike on the road and they have a bike rack.

Lake George

The Patrol Cabin at the lake

From the lake it is about 1.5 miles and 1100 feet up to the lookout on Gobbler's Knob

Where there is a great view of Rainier

The next day it was back to the Westside Road and to continue to its end

Then I continued on the North Puyallup River trail, which is also a roadbed

Which gets brushier at times

After 2.7 miles on this, you reach the Wonderland Trail and turn right up towards Klapache Park, 1800 feet up. Tokaloo Rock dominates at the start of the hike

To the right of Tokaloo Rock is Tokaloo Spire

glacier lilies were out at Klapache Park

Aurora Lake is next to camp

the glacier lilies were really out

From camp, I did a short hike above camp

And up to still-frozen St. Andrews Lake, only a few hundred feet higher, that was still frozen

Aurora Lake is famous for this reflection of Rainier. The mist is because the shallow lake is warm and the air is cooling at sunset

Some clouds had briefly moved in, but mostly stayed below