Mt Rainier NW - Golden Lakes and Eagles Roost

This was my birthday trip to the northwest part of Mt Rainier National Park, a 4 day backpacking trip that took in Golden Lakes and the Spray Park Loop.

The day before we drove to the trailhead at Mowich Lake and camped in the trailhead camping area, which is a group of sites in the open. The two tents and chairs in the middle are ours, the others our neighbors. Our tents did not fit on the tent pad and mine was partly off.

Mowich Lake

The next morning we took off for the 2,400 foot drop to the Mowich River (no views), and Mt. Rainier National Park's favorite type of bridge.

This is what it looks like looking down from one of those planed-off log bridges

We then hiked back up just as far on the other side (no views) to the ridge, followed it a couple miles and reached Golden Lakes camping area. This is the largest lake, as seen from our campsite.

That lake was inaccessible below, but a smaller one was nearby where we got our water and had a rare view of Mt. Rainier, reflected in the lake.

There was a patrol cabin near the lakes. The trail crossing in front is the Wonderland Trail that we got there by.

The next day we retraced our steps - dropping back down to the Mowich River, back up to Mowich Lake, resupplying a bit at the car, then a couple miles along the Spray Park trail. We passed the Eagle Cliff viewpoint on the way to Eagles Roost campsite (minimal views).

A short distance away was Spray Falls

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