Mt Hood: Yocum Ridge

I wanted to hike this after seeing it from the south from Paradise Park last year. We camped up high at 6300 feet after a hike of nearly 9 miles and 3800 feet up.

Above 5000 feet some meadows started to open up.

At 6000 feet and the lower campsite - dry but with great views.

Looking above that camping area

We continued around and up the ridge to the higher of the campsites at about 6300 feet, also with great views

Here is the larger of the campsites there. A smaller one is down the trail. Water is a few hundred yards away across some loose and unstable slopes.

Looking southwest

paintbrush were putting on quite a show

and of course lupine

It was a good sunset and a nice star night

The lowlands were under a cloud deck in the morning

As I enjoy my bagel and cream cheese